DIY Journal using The Happy Planner

I really love using The Happy Planner, so much that decided to get some supplies and make my own journal out of THP supplies. I could gave easily just bought another planner but I didn’t want to have to take pages out, and I really just wanted to make it my own. So I picked up 2 of the 6 month extension packs, to make a full year. 2 of the 40 pages of notes and graph paper, some covers, sticky notes, and expansion rings. I didn’t know how I was going to put it together exactly, but the way it came together, I am very happy with it



This is the cover I put on. For some reason the pack of covers I got came with 2 of these. I was going to use both but the other heart would have been upside down. So I just used the gold polka dot one for the back


Here are the expansion rings. They’re bigger than the standard rings, so I can add even more if I wanted to IMG_1951-2

When you buy the 6 month extension pack it comes with stickers. So I stuck the months on each tab.


Here are the cursive stickers. I stuck these on all of the months


I use these sticky tabs a lot in my planner so I got a pack for my journal


Here are the date stickers that come with the 6 month extension pack.


Here is my planner next to my journal. My journal is a little thicker than my planner, which I don’t mindIMG_1956-2

Here are all the stickers that come with the 6 month extension pack. You get 2 sheets per pack, since I got 2 packs I have 4. Theres more than enough to date all of your pages, so you can start this whenever you like.

I love how my journal came out, its going to get a lot of use. Have you made your own journal with THP supplies? Let me know in the comments!



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