Staedtler Pens Review


Every time I would pass by these pens at Michaeals I always said “nope! not for that price!” but I finally bit the bullet and bought them and I have to say I am so glad that I did. The price for these pens are $15.99 In the video (which is posted below) I mentioned they were $27.99 that is not the price for this quantity, thats the bigger pack. Still to me 16 dollars for pens is a little expensive just to write, but I decided that since I write a lot, I’ll see what the hype is about.

After using these for a few days I must say these are some of the best pens I have ever used! I see why the price point is there, and I see why everyone flocks to them. They’re fine tip, which is a dream for me, and they write so smooth. The claim is that they take forever to dry out, that you can leave the cap off for days and the pens will still write. Thats a plus.

Another thing I love about the pens, are the packaging. Its slim, so its easy to fit into a purse, or book bag. The top of the packaging also stands up so you have easy access to the pens if they’re sitting on your desk or table, so you don’t have to keep opening the lid, thats genius!

I have no cons about these pens besides the price, but once you use them you’ll see why they costs that much. I do want to get the bigger pack, but that will happen later on. Keep scrolling to see the video, and more pictures of the pens.










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