Heidi Swapp Memory Planner


Ive had this planner for almost a month, and I thought it was time for me to do a proper review on it.

I saw this planner on a Heidi Swapp video and knew I had to have it. I actually found it in Micheals when I wasnt looking for it, and snatched it up.

It came in a kit, meaning it came with the planner, stickers, washi strips, paper clips, and card stock. All for $29, not bad if you ask me.

As soon as I got it, I brought it home and did an unboxing video (video no longer available because my youtube channel got suspend, I have no clue why yet)

At the time I had no clue how I was going to use it. I was (and still am) using The Happy Planner as a life planner, and I had another one as a journal. I decided to use it as a gratitude journal, and it has been working out perfectly for that!


  • Small (easy to throw in a bag)
  • Neutral color for cover
  • All the accessories
  • Pen slot
  • Rings to make removing/adding things easy
  • Paper quality seems good
  • Monthly tabs are a hard plastic


  • Too small for life planner (for me anyway)
  • Weekend not split up into Sunday/Saturday
  • Monthly boxes are very small

Overall I am really enjoying this planner for what I want to use it for. If you’re a person who has a ton going on and needs to write a lot, I don’t recommend this planner as it doesn’t have enough space.

But the great thing about planners is that everyone is different and has different uses for them. I think the planner is very beautiful, everything that comes with it coordinates very well.

I think this is a great change from the happy planner. it serves my needs perfectly, and I cant ask for more.


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