The Fitness Planner Review

Ive had the fitness planner for a month, and I have to say it is a fantastic tool to track everything fitness related. It tracks food, calories, workouts, and water intake.

What I love the most is that it’s purely for one aspect of your life which is overall health. I picked this up when I had just got back into working out. I knew having a planner where I could plan out my workouts would keep me motivated (checking things off really motivates me to do more)

Ever since using this planner I have been very consistent with working out (except those last 3 days of thanksgiving week, but who counts calories those days? lol)

But besides those days Ive been on top of everything. I thought it would be a chore tracking my meals but its really become second nature to me. As soon as I eat something I just write it down, or I write it down before hand if I know for sure what I’m going to eat. Now tracking my calories is pretty simple. I just use an app on my phone and at the end of the day I just transfer it to the planner so I’m not trying to do math in my head.

The one thing I love about this planner? It’s undated! meaning you can start whenever you want. I got mine about the second week of November, and dove right in.

Also at the end of each month there is a monthly review so you can see what you did right/wrong and you can always look back month after month to see your progress.

There is a 12 month progress sheet in the beginning where you put your stats down once a month. Love this idea!

It also came with motivation stickers, and stickers to track progress, which I think is a nice touch to it. Everything you need to track your workouts/food is in this planner


  • Real life pictures on each monthly tab, with quotes
  • Month in review
  • Monthly stats to see progress
  • Comes with stickers
  • Price ($34.99)


  • No dated stickers

That is the only con with this planner. Its perfect the way it is. Overall I couldn’t have asked more in a fitness planner. It serves my needs perfectly, and I love how its bright red so it stands out. If you can’t get your hands on one I’m pretty sure MAMBI is releasing extension packs to add to The Happy Planner sometime in 2016. Which is what I will do once 2016 is over….a full year from now lol 🙂


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