The NEW Happy Planners

MAMBI has done it again! They released 2016-17 planners and they’re so beautiful! The second I saw the peonies one I had to have it, and I lucked out. For some reason a lot of people do not plan in my city, but thats ok more stuff for me šŸ™‚

After getting the peonies one I contemplated getting the large one, but what for? I dont need 2 planners for 2016-17. But this is a planner girl multiple planners are kind of like a right of passage LOL!

So I got it and I’m going to use it as my journal for 2016-2017. I currently have a happy planner I use as a journal BUT its not enough space so this planner as huge as it is, will be perfect.

The inserts are gorgeous! MAMBI listened to us no more morning, afternoon, and evening! now you dont have to washi (unless you want to) but its great they did this.

So here are photos are the planners and the inserts. I love the, they’re gorgeous , I almost dont want to use them lol


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mxdbreed580 says:

    I love your photos they are always so crisp and clean.


      1. Mxdbreed580 says:

        You’re welcome Kristen!


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