Recollections Washi

The planner community is going CRAZY over all these tubes of washi, and what does someone like me do? BUY ALL THE WASHI! Did I need all this washi? NO! Did I want all of this washi at one time? NO! But I no myself, and if I wait, it’ll be gone. Thats how this community works, so get hot items when you can

Some of the tubes are more sought after than others such as the shorter quote ones, EVERYONE want those! Also the large pastel tube is a popular one. But I got them all so I have them, so I wont wish I had one. But I wasn’t greedy I only got one of each, to be fair to someone else

This is a ton of washi, but its quite alright. I’ll use it all up eventually, I like to use new washi as soon as I get it because I’m excited to see how it will look. Ive already used the large pastel, and large black, gold, white, and grey one in some spreads for June. So see? I use them LOL!

My only problem was storing them after I laid them all out. My washi drawers are PACKED! so I created a solution


This is a floating shelf above my desk, I took a container of that was holding card stock (that I haven’t used in months) to make room for these. Its empty like this for the sake of the photo, but I have some figurines and a calendar in front of them now since they were there before.

I never thought I’d have this problem, storing washi HA!


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  1. Idle Emma says:

    Oh my, so much washi tape! I’m jealous!


    1. kristeniness says:

      Yes it’s a lot lol! I knew everyone was looking for them so I got them while I could

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      1. Idle Emma says:

        Well that much washi tape can never go amiss! Better to have it then regret not getting it later 🙂


  2. Mxdbreed580 says:

    OMg!!! So lucky We don’t have a Michaels were i live and the hobby lobby here sucks… 😦 but these are pretty.. i love the gold foil ones super cute how you have them set up too !!! 🙂


    1. kristeniness says:

      Oh no Micheals!?? Maybe you can order them? Also thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mxdbreed580 says:

        Usually when i go online.. they’re always Sold out.. so I kinda just have to wait til I go to Tx or the city in Oklahoma … which Sucks… its not very often that I go.. like i woulda waited to buy my planner and went to TX if i woulda known they had buy one get one free today .. but its okay i got a new one now!..


      2. kristeniness says:

        I’m glad you got a new one. And that sucks. They need stores everywhere

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Mxdbreed580 says:

        YES! they do!!! I hate it.. like i have to drive a whole hr 1/2 to get anything that Hobby Lobby doesn’t have … which truly does suck…


  3. kristeniness says:

    I’ve found that Micheals always has more than Hobby Lobby


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