May 16th-22nd Weekly Spread

Here is this weeks, weekly spread. I couldn’t wait to use the much sought after washi from Michaels. Its my favorite colors, so I just had to use it. I like how this spread turned out. Very simple, and functional, but still pretty colors. I used almost every roll except the pink glitter one (theres always next time :))

I also used a little of the quote washi everyone is looking for. I used it for the end of the week, and it goes well with the other washi tape. The quote washi is so pretty, and I’m glad I have the other 2 tubes of it.

The quote sticker is from MAMBI and the stickers on the different days are the new washi stickers from MAMBI as well. I really love those and plan to do a post on them soon.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mxdbreed580 says:

    I love this spread very much! You did a very awesome day!


      1. Mxdbreed580 says:

        No problem!! šŸ™‚


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