DIY Sticker Book – The Happy Planner

If you’re in the planner community chances are you have a large abundance of stickers. For the longest I’ve tried different ways of organizing my stickers and nothing really worked until the BRILLIANT Heather Kell of @kellofplan created a DIY sticker book out of all The Happy Planner Stickers. Her idea took off and so many people have done it. I must say thesis a GENIUS idea to store stickers, and it lets me see every single one of my sticker sheets. Best part of all, its portable. So I can move from room to room or even travel with it. It was very easy to make, but took a while (because I have about a million sticker sheets)

But very worth it. Here are some pics of my book and I’ll show how I made it

I know some people cut the covers down, which is fine. I didn’t do it, in case I want to change the cover. But its still very functional and the full cover doesn’t get in the way. Here’s how I made it

  1. Cut your unused happy planner sheets to a small strip. Cut about an inch, maybe inch and a half from the punches
  2. Use a glue stick and place over the entire strip
  3. Take the sticker sheet, and press down, and thats it!

Pretty simple huh? Now I didnt do the strip for most of my stickers I just cut down to the width of the sticker sheet. Dont do this LOL! BI reecause you’ll use too much glue 🙂

I really love this DIY sticker book because it has saved me money on buying more stickers ha!


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