The Happy Planner Washi Book

When MAMBI released the first washi book for The Happy Planner earlier this year I knew I had to get my hands on it, for a few reasons

  1. Washi strips
  3. It attaches to my planner!

I picked up the first one, which is the one on top in the photos. Then the second was released not that long ago, so you know I had to get it.

I love these, and use them in almost every spread, in one way or another

My favorites are the weekend banners. But I love the mini washi stickers for my to-do lists. It adds color to my box while being functional.

I haven’t touched the long washi strips on the back pages yet because Im trying to see exactly how I want to use them. You know us planner girls have to have A PLAN!

But the entire book is really nice. It sits in my DIY sticker book, for easy access. Every sticker is a functional sticker which is important. Also theres quotes but not too big so you can still put them in a box and have more than enough room to write.

If you haven’t picked these up go! I plan on getting backups, because why not?


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