How I use my Heidi Swapp Personal Planner

I got the Heidi Swapp Personal planner kit back in November of last year. At the time of getting it I planned on using it as a gratitude journal. I have a post about it here. After mid February I stopped using it as that, and it just sat in a basket (with some other Heidi Planners I am still not using!) I didnt want it to go to waste so I decided to use it as a backup to The Happy Planner but keep it in my bag. I must say it has been working GREAT as that.

Everything that is in  The Happy Planner gets transferred here, and when I’m out and have to write something down, it then gets transferred to The Happy Planner. This is great for me because as great as my iPhone is its easier to just write something down and it to my phone calendar last.

I was also sent some inserts from @planningwithgabriella she got them from the Easy shop Dream Plan Repeat. The inserts are

  • Meal tracking
  • Exercise tracking
  • Routine checklist/ Dont forget/ Bills due
  • Menu/To buy/To go/To clean, and Hourly
  • Notes and bright ideas
  • Blank weekly spread
  • Checklist

I haven’t utilized all of these yet but I have used the meal tracking and exercise and they’re working great especially if I eat when I’m out, and since I am traveling in a  week and a half this will work great for that as well.

I really love using the Heidi Swapp planner its small, compact, functional, and serves my needs perfectly.


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