Recollections Planner Setup

I’ve had my Recollections planner a little over a month and I must say I’m loving it (full review will come a little later) Micheals recently gifted me a gift card, because I will be hosting the Planner Meet Up on June 25th!! So the new books I got are courtesy of them, and i am grateful!

I want this planner to be multi functional, that way I will continuously use it. So I ventured over to Micheals to see what Recollections books I could find, that would be useful.

I picked up the fitness, inspiration, and goals. When I got home I tore a few pages out of each book and put them in my planner, and I must say I really like the way its set up.

This planner is also my wallet so it goes with me everywhere. I didn’t want it to just be a planner I wanted to be everything in one. So on the go I can

  • Plan
  • Journal
  • Meal track
  • Write inspirations
  • Write goals
  • To-do list
  • Brain Dump
  • Grocery List

It is truly an all in one planner for me, and I’m loving it 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great video and post! Where is your gorgeous pen from?


    1. kristeniness says:

      Thank you! It’s Day Designer at Target 😊


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