Getting Back On Track With Your New Planner


A lot of us are anxiously awaiting to break out our new 2016-17 planners. Well now is the time to re-prioritize, re-think your strategy, and re-think your productivity, and most importantly schedule some much needed breaks in your daily schedule, for you!

Now is also the time, that if you have new goals, dreams, inspirations ect. That you write these down! It’s important to write them down, so you don’t forget, and you hold yourself accountable.

So you are in your new planner. Before you put pen to paper, take a look at your older planner, flip through spreads, and see what worked, and what didn’t. Make a list of what worked, and continue to do that. Whatever didn’t work don’t bring into your new planner and your planning strategy. It seems like common sense, but sometimes we will continue to do something just because we’re used to a certain way of doing things.

Now you have new goals you want to achieve. It can be as small as wanting to read a new book, or as big as a out of the country action. No matter what it is, set a date for this goal. But also be realistic about your goal. What I mean is, if you have a date in mind to complet this goal, be a little flexible. Make your goal a certain week, give a or take a couple of day so there isn’t too much pressure.

Having a new planner is the perfect time to be more productive and create a routine so you stay productive.

The last two weeks I have re-prioritized how I use my planner, how I used my time, and how I organize my life. This system seems to be working for me, that doesn’t mean this will always work, and thats okay! When something in your life isn’t working, it’s ok to take a step back and re-prioritize. Not re-prioritizing, is not beneficial to you, its not beneficial to your family and your colleagues.

Lastly but most importantly, schedule some time for YOU! You need a break from everything. I always take time out of my day for self-care, which is most likely reading a book, or listening to music. This will help you re-energize. Your brain needs a break from working.

I picked up the Day Designer recently (blog post coming this wednesday) to schedule me an hourly routine, and scheduled in there is an hour of self-care everyday. This is important, because I am a wife and mother. While I love doing things for my husband and daughters, its also important I take time for me, so I can be better as a person, and stay productive.

With all of that said, I say try your new routine out for a good month (unless its just not working and its obvious) and see how you hold up. It’s ok to switch a couple of things around to make your life a little easier, nothing is permanent, even if it is in ink 🙂

I hope these tips will help you in the coming weeks and months. Let me know how you plan to stay organized and stay productive.

How are you getting back on track? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Carol W. says:

    I purchased the Inkwell Press mid-year flex planner that starts in July. Still not sure if this will work with our life (wife & mother of to busy tweens). I really need to carve out some of a few ours to sit re-evaluate how I hope to organize of life better. Too chaotic right. 🙂


    1. kristeniness says:

      Yes! Take out some time to sit down and work the planner and see how it works. It may work may not. But sometimes we may rush to plan and think “this doesn’t work” but it could just be because we’re rushing through the planning process. Good luck!

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