Martha Stewart Arc Notebook

I saw this notebook in a Facebook group I’m in. Someone was using it as a cover to the large Happy Planner, seeing it intrigued me. I then saw it in a Youtube video and then I really wanted it.

At first I wanted to use it as a cover for the big Happy Planner but I don’t think I’m going to, but we’ll see šŸ™‚ I took a ton of photos, I hope you enjoy!

My camera washed out the color in that bottom pic. The true color is the very bright aqua. I love it. The rings are silver and say Martha Stewart on them.

There is a secretarial pocket and 3 card slots. This makes it easy if you want to take it with you. There is a clear folder for holding things. I thought this was a great idea. Then there is a page to put your name.

There are two pages for holidays for the next 4 years! Theres also a year at a glance for 4 years. You have a page for special dates for each month, great for birthdays, and anniversaries.

At the bottom there is a list of birthstones for each month. Great if you’re looking for a birthday present and want to get a birth stone

On the other side of the birthstone column there zodiac signs. I thought this was cool to add. Then you get to the note pages, which are lined in very light aqua, and the border that is punched, is bright aqua, just beautiful!

In the back of the notebook there is an embossed logo that has Martha Stewart, and at the bottom it says office/by Martha Stewart. There is also a pen loop!

First Impressions

This is a beautifully made notebook. Everything looks very clean and sleek. I love all the things that were added to this notebook, its basically an all in one. You could easily use this as a planner if you used a month at a time, because the front pages have everything for you.

The rings are probably my favorite, they’re bright silver and go well with the aqua.

Thats my first impression of this notebook. I will do a review on this in about a month, when I’ve used it enough.

Do you have this notebook? If so how do you like it? Do you plan on buying it? Let me know in the comments!


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