Michaels String Journal First Impression

About  a month ago I was on YouTube and a travelers notebook was in my recommend videos. I clicked on it and was intrigued by it, and so I binged watched a bunch, and came to the conclusion that I wanted one but not for that price.

Well two weeks ago, a video came up and it was a Michaels String Journal, that looks like a faux version of the travelers journal. I saw that it was $14.99 and said “I NEED IT!!” but every time I went to Michaels, I kept forgetting LOL!

Well yesterday I finally remembered, and went in and got it. I had a 40% off coupon but find need it because it was only $6!! so if you want one go get it (or two or 3) They had the color I have, teal, dark pink, and black. Well I got this cream color because you know me and my pastels.

It feels like faux leather on the outside, a little spongey but not too much. The inside feels like suede. I actually like the feeling. It comes with 2 inserts. One of blank white paper, and one with some brown paper. I believe its like a little thicker version of construction paper

I took out both of the inserts for inspection/photos sake. There is a black band around the brown inserts and the band attached to the cover is holding the white inserts. I took the brown paper out, because I don’t plan on using it for journaling. I opened up my extra inserts, used the band that was around the brown paper, and put two white inserts together, then slid those into one string, attached to the cover. After all was said and done I had 3 white inserts. I like it much better this way

According to some videos I saw, it says you’re only supposed to attach one insert. BUT I saw someone attach SIX!!! So I knew I could easily do three, and I did.

My first impression of this, is that its a very good price, especially at the same price. If you’re looking to try something out before shelling out the price for a real travelers journal, this is a good option.

I don’t have a travelers journal to compare this to, so I cant do quality vs quality. For me it feels like a cheaper alternative, BUT I don’t think it feels like its going to fall apart. I do think it will stand the test of time with me, unless I do something to deliberately damage it.

I plan on using this as a journal, since I now want to keep all my planner separate, no more all in one/two in one planners for me.

I will review this in about a month, when I’ve had enough time to use it.

Do you have this? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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