How I Set Up The Recollections String Journal

How I set up the Recollections String Journal

On June 27th, I picked up the Recollections String Journal. I did a first impression of it, on here and on youtube. I filmed a set up video that will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you how I set it up on here.

I knew I wanted to use this as a journal because

  1. Its undated
  2. Its simple
  3. Its thin
  4. I can easily carry it in my purse

I had been using The Happy Planner as a journal, but I was growing tired of this system. I also had some journal pages in my Recollections planner, but took those out because I knew I wouldn’t utilize it.

I knew this string journal would be a perfect fit for me, and I’m glad I purchased it.

If you saw my first reaction post, you saw that it came with two inserts, a white insert, and a brown insert. Well I knew I wasn’t going to use the brown inserts so I inserted 3 of the white ones.

This journal came with a band to hold two inserts together so you can have three inserts instead of two. I liked how this looked together.

Then I realized I had 3 Moleskine notebooks and wanted to see if they would fit. I measured them and they were the exact same size as the cover. I put two of them in and loved this set up!

So now I have one white insert, and two Moleskine notebooks. The white insert is for quick notes, and doodling, and the notebooks are for journaling. As of now I’m loving this system, if it changes I will talk about that in a review in about a month.

Do you have this journal? Any plans on getting it? Let me know in the comments!


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