How I Pre-Plan

Pre-planning is something that I must do, its second nature to me to do it before I even begin to write in my planner.

I wanted to write this post to show you how I pre-plan. Everyone pre-plans differently, and thats fine. Everyone is unique and they have to do what works for them

Now pre-planning for me is a few steps because I may change things up in the process and I want to make sure its concrete before I put pen to planner. Here are my steps

  1. I always pre-plan digital first. Most times I am not at my desk when I think of a task. But my phone is always in my hand. So when I pre plan, I open up the notes app, and just start typing. My notes app is synced with my macbook, so whatever I type on my phone will be on my macbook
  2. From notes I begin to write things down. Not in my planner just yet but on a notepad. When I have tasks, they don’t all necessarily have dates, so what I must do is break up the tasks over different days and see what will go where.
  3. Once I have dates I will then get my older Happy Planner and put all the tasks on week that I need to. Its not neat, I just need to see what is going where.
  4. Once I have everything down on The Happy Planner I look over everything. Sometimes I may have to change something, just because it may be too many things in a day, so things may get crossed out or an arrow to another day. Its messy I tell you lol!
  5. Once everything is final in my older Happy Planner, I then get out my sticky tabs and write all my tasks on them. The reason I do this is because I still dont want to mess anything up lol! Im always conscious about how my writing looks, I’m trying ti have better writing and I want my planner to be neat.
  6. Now that the sticky tabs are done, I then write everything in The Happy Planner and breathe a sigh of relief

That is how I preplan, It seems like a long process but it’s not. I have a system down and it works for me. I’ll continue to do it this way until it doesn’t work anymore.

How do you preplan? Let me know in the comments!


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