Recollections Planner Review

I am so excited to finally do this review for the Michaels Recollections Planner. I knew how I felt about it maybe a week after I got it? But I wanted to use it for a good month, before I wrote a review. I’ve had about 3 different systems in here, but the one I have now is the best system I have, and I think it will stay like this. I have filmed a video on this that will be up tomorrow, and I go more into depth how this planner is and how its working for me.

I must say that I absolutely LOVE this planner. There aren’t enough good things I can say about it, I think Michaels did an excellent job, creating this very affordable planner, with even more affordable accessories to compliment it.

I’ll admit when I first saw this planner in an Instagram post, I thought it would feel cheap, and fall apart, until I saw it, and felt it in person. The second I picked it up, I knew I had to have it. So I picked it up and got a journal.

I planned to only use this as a journal, because at the time I was using the Heidi Swapp personal sized planner (which is so gorgeous) Then I wanted it to use at as a wallet, so it would get even more use (I still use it this way) Then I also picked up the yearly kit, because I planned on using it in November when the Heidi Swapp one ended (HS doesn’t seem inserts) After thinking about it I decided to get some books and use it as this all in one complete system. Even utilized a few pages of each book to see how I liked it, and I didnt.

Then when everyone was starting to use their new planners on June 27th, I said “you know what Kristen? Just use this now!” and thats what I did!

I put July – December in the planner, because my Happy Planner is set up the same way, and let me tell you….THIS IS THE BEST SYSTEM!!

It is solely a wallet/personal planner, and it just works. I still have the papers that came with it, but there are some check lists in there for anything I need to jot down.

Now the planner itself is amazing! Not only is the color beautiful, but its made very well. The rings on my planner are perfect, the pockets are good, the stitching is also good. I have no complaint. I was worried if it would be a problem using this as a wallet, and no problems at all.

Now using it as an actual planner is nice too. The set I have gives me more than enough room to write. The only thing I dont like is the sunday start (But I fixed that lol) other than that I love planning in it.

Overall the price point, the design, and the accessories are worth the buy. This planner proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to plan. You can get a beautifully made functional planner and not break the bank.

Do you have this planner? If s how do you like it? Let me know in the comments!!


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I love mine and the quality is great. A lot of thought was put in to this planner and it shows.


    1. Yes! You can tell a lot of thought was put into it. This is a very nice planner at a very affordable price


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