Using Evernote To Plan

I downloaded Evernote because I could create different notes and categorize them. I have notes for this blog, youtube, instagram, to-do lists, brain dumping, and notes for my other blog.

As I said in my pre-plan post. I am not always at my desk when I have an idea, so I may look in my notes app see whats there and put it into whatever category it needs to go in on Evernote.

The thing I love the most on Evernote is the search feature. You can search a word and it will find the note for you. This is great if you have a lot of content and don’t want to read through everything.

For example if I want to write a post or film a video on productivity but I have 50 different topics, I can search it and any future posts I have on it will pop up.

Also there are checklists, so when I’m done doing something I just check it off. This helps me to not repeat something, or write it down twice

Evernote helps me keep track of future posts and videos. Although I love the thought of having a physical planner that I can write in, I like having Evernote for quick thinking and tasks.

It keeps me on track, and everything seems to streamline very well.

Do you digital plan? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. elplandeale says:

    I use One note for my shopping. I make 1 folder the shopping list and in same time I categorize for store.


    1. I tried to use one note but being an apple girl I can’t get with it LOL!


  2. Tasha White says:

    I also use OneNote several ways by setting up different virtual notebooks:

    1. Mobile journal – I can quickly jot down something while I am on the go. It’s great because I can also record audio files if I cant physically write. I also have paper journal as well.
    2. Notebook for my poetry. I can capture images in the real world or online for prompts. I have bits and pieces of things I am writing that are always with me and sync’d on all my devices. So the time I spend in Dr. waiting rooms etc I can finish up a piece.
    3. Recipe notebook
    4. Most importantly, it dawned on me one day since I recently got into planning, I will need a place to store the old inserts when I refresh my planner binder every few months. I now use OneNote to archive my planner pages. I can have access to the previous months digitally and keep my paper planner light as I am now trying to keep it in my purse when I am out and about.

    Although I have heard about people using it for checklists, that may be the one thing I havn’t used OneNote for, lol


    1. I tired one note but I’m biased because I’ve been using apple for over 12 years. So anything Windows related grass my nerves LOL!


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