Using Multiple Planners To Organize My Life


I use multiple planners for different things, and it works for me. The Happy Planner is my main planner, It holds everything that I need to do, and every other planner that I have coincides with The Happy Planner. So I will tell you how I use my planners and how the info in them gets to my happy planner

  • Sugar Paper Planner – I use this to preplan. There is a week on one page, and on the other there is checklists for that week, and at the bottom there is remember – to-do, and notes. When I am planning for the next week, I write down everything I need to do on that checklists, then I put them on said dates. When I do my plan with me videos, I refer to this planner.
  • Recollections Planner – This is my wallet, my personal planner,my on the go journal, on the go fitness, and on the go inspiration. This is basically my all in one planner that I can easily take with me running errands, and when I travel. So I don’t have to carry multiple planners. Every single planner I use is basically in this planner and its a great system for me
  • Day Designer To-Do & Today – This is a new planner in my collection and I’ll be using for blogging, instagram, and youtube, for my multiple sites and social media. I was using a DIY target binder and while that was fine. I found that this planner is more functional and the best part ITS UNDATED!!! Which mean I don’t have to use it every day or every week. Another plus is that it has half hour increments and to-do lists. So I can easily put down a time I want to work, and list all the things I’m going to do. I know this is going to keep me organized, and more productive.
  • Day Designer – This is my daily routine planner. A routine is crucial for me, in order to stay on track and stay productive. Now this kind of works backwards in regards to The Happy Planner. Whatever task I have in The Happy Planner I write it in the Day Designer for a certain hour and go from there. But together they work fabulously

Those are my multiple planners, how they keep me organized, and on track. Everyone may not need multiple planners, and that is perfectly fine. The way you plan your life is the way you plan your life. You may be a one planner person and everything is in one planner. Or you may have 10 planners and that works for you. There is no wrong way to plan your life. Just make sure it caters to you and makes things easier for you 🙂


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  1. elplandeale says:

    How difficult have to many planner?


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