Day Designers Review

I decided to review both of these together, since I use them together, also to save time. I am reviewing the dated Day Designer, and undated Today & To-Do Day Designer. I purchased both of these at Target, at separate times. I’m not new to the whole Day Designer planning system. The small gold and white stripped that came out last year was my second planner when I got into this whole planning community.

But at the time it wasn’t enough room for me to plan out my days. Well ever since I knew I needed to create an hourly routine for myself, I knew the hourly Day Designer would work out well.


I have the navy blue and white stripped, with gold corners. This was the only one I wanted out of the entire line, its gorgeous! This planner is great for anyone who has a very structure schedule. My only con is that theres no half hour times, but other than that I see nothing wrong with this planner. You get an entire week on two pages, which is what I like. On the far left side you have a master to-do list and thats where I put everything I need to do for the week. After that I go from there, and put each task in my desired hourly slot. Theres a top three above each day, and I put my three most important tasks of each day. This ensures I get them done. You also get a gratitude box, notes, and a next week box. Overall this planner is very nice and Im glad I picked it up. It helps me stick to my routine, and it helps me stay productive with each task.



I had no clue there was an undated day designer until I saw this in a YouTube video. I knew what I wanted to use it for, as soon as I saw it, and that as for all my blogging, youtube, and social media. Now this is set up differently than the typical Day Designer.

  • A day is on a full page (2 day view at a time
  • Undated
  • Half hour marks
  • Full month views are all at the front
  • Weekly views in the middle
  • Day/hourly views in the back
  • Has a page mark

It does have gratitude, and notes, a master to-do list, and a top 3

What I love most is that it’s undated, because Im not doing something blog, youtube, or social media related every day. So I fill it out as needed.

There is only one con I have about this planner, and its the weekly view. I wish it wasn’t in here, since I’m not using it at all. I see why Day Designer did it though, to give a little bitch of each planner in this one. But its not needed for me.

Overall I really love this planner because it serves its purpose for me, and helps me do the 3 tasks at the specified times.

One thing you should know about this planner, is that its not for a person who plans everyday, because its not a full year. So if you want a full year, go with with a dated one.

Do you have any of these planners? If so how do you like them? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Just ordered the striped day designer planner you reviewed first! It arrives next week- so glad to hear that you loved it. Can’t wait to start planning ❤️


    1. Yay!! I hope you love it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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