July 25t – 31st Weekly Spread | The Happy Planner

Ever since I got the new MAMBI sticker books I’ve been anxious to use them in my planner. I used the seasonal book, the summer section to give the last week of July some bright color. The washi is from Michaeals, and its the water color washi, and is so pretty in person!

I used the heart checklists, and some full boxes on the side of the planner, instead of using them in the actual boxes. This gives me color, while also being functional.

I like how this came out because its bright, screams summer, but gives me 100% function.

In other news I will be starting my new job this week! For privacy reasons I will not share where, but I’m excited. If you saw any of my plan with me videos, then you’ve heard me mention that I was looking for a part time job. Well my search is finally over!

My work schedule will be on the bottom columns, since I will be working evenings and nights. My new work schedule shouldn’t interfere with ay of my blogging, if it does. I will make a post about rearranging some things.


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