The Happy Planner & The Day Designer, How They Work Together

Ive mentioned many times how The Happy Planner is my main planner, it holds every single thing that I need to do. This is why I love it because there is so much space for me to write everything down, that I don’t need a separate planner for multiple aspects.

The ONLY thing I was lacking with The Happy Planner was a scheduled routine for myself. I’ve always used the spaces in The Happy Planner for to-do lists, and I still do this. But I knew I needed specified times, to make sure I was not only more organized but actually getting things done in a timely fashion, and doing them well.

Before I write down anything in The Day Designer, I look in The Happy Planner to see what I am doing for the day (or if I have free time the day before, I will do it then) I then take each task and assign it to an individual hour. Now will each task take me an entire hour? No, but I’ve allotted my time an hour so I can take my time and do everything correctly, so I don’t have to go back and re-do anything.

Using these two planners together helps me TREMENDOUSLY! My productivity has gone from minimal/medium to full speed ahead.


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