Digital vs Paper

Is there one better than the other? I don’t believe so. I feel that either can help you, whichever way you plan.

Some people are dead set against using a physical planner, everything is electronic, which is fine. But what if your phone dies? What if your computer crashes and you lose everything?

That actually scares me so having a physical planner is always a must for me.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not against digital at all. I use the notes app on my phone/macbook and Evernote. They help me tremendously!

But when I physically write something down, it helps me remember it more, which is the point of a planner.

I have no personal gripes with either way. I feel that the way you organize your life is unique, and you should continue to plan however helps you stay productive.

How do you plan? Just paper, or digital as well? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Tasha White says:

    This was the topic of conversation in my house just last week. A few months ago I decided to use a paper planner with google calendar as my backup. My other half (who is a Techie!!) started a business and needed a better system to corral notes, calendar etc from meetings and appointments. I set up a great system for him. He told me that he has wrapped his head around paper but also keeps his digital as back up. As a Techie he was surprised he liked the paper planner as much as he does.


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