The BIG Happy Planner Review

When I bought The Big Happy Planner I planned on using it as a journal, but as I was preparing to use my new planners for July, I realized I needed more space to write things down.

I didn’t know how it would work out because this planner is HUGE! its 8.5 x 11 inches. But after exclusively using it for a good month, I know i made the right choice.

I currently have the Martha Stewart Notebook cover on here to give it some extra protection, and I’m liking this set up

This is a big planner, but for me its more than enough space for me to plan, and add on as the week goes on. I can see why others stay away from this planner, simply based on size. I don’t have that issue because my planner doesn’t leave the desk (unless its a meet up or I want to plan on my bed) other than that it stays put, so the size really isn’t an issue.

Another thing I love about this planner is the color scheme. This entire planner has my favorite colors, which made the decision easier to use it. I also love that its not over the top in design, since I’m more function over decor any day.

If you’re interested in this planner it is currently available on MAMBI’s site, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for $34.99 which I think is a good price, for this size planner.

Overall I am LOVING this planner. I didn’t think I’d love it this much but I shouldn’t be surprised, its The Happy Planner lol


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