How I Plan A Month of Posts/Videos

Figuring out how to plan out a month of blog posts/videos came as an accident, and its a good routine for me. Im sure every blogger has their own technique, but here is mine. The month before I am always thinking up blog posts (videos to coincide) and I just put the topic in my notes app.

Now I know for sure that every Monday I will have my weekly spreads, so I concentrate on Wednesday and Friday. From there I figure out how many of those days are in a month. For instance August has nine days (besides mondays) for me to work with, and what I do is just divide the topics to go on those days.

If it’s a review I think about how long I’ve been using the products, or how long I will be using the product. For example, The Big Happy Planner review went up first this month because I had been using it a month, so thats what I go with.

After that it’s pretty simple. I just put the topics down on the different days, and thats it!

Its a very simple process, the hard part comes to actually writing the posts lol!

Do you plan out your entire month of posts? If so let me know in the comments!


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  1. D.W. Hirsch says:

    I have grand plans to blog and have evergreen posts at the ready for busy weeks/out-of-town weekends. Moving my blog to a self-hosted site and technical difficulties because of that…and a bit of lazy frustration on my part…has left me catching up before I can plan ahead.

    Developing broad topics, narrowing the interesting ones down to perhaps a blog series, something to write all at once then chopped into individual posts, is the post-catchup goal. I’m making those notes along the way in a Brain Dump section of my planner…several sections, depending where I think it fits. A recent writing workshop I’m plotting out into 3-4 posts. Scheduling them…well, I’ve become better at scheduling my social media than blog, but that’s part of the catchup phase that will end mid-September as ROW80 Round 3 ends.

    D.W. Hirsch


    1. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you! Who knew that running a blog/youtube could be so much work? lol

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