How Is My New Planning System Working?

If you saw my Changing How I Plan  then you know that I revamped my entire planning system. I no longer chose design, over functionality, and I spend more time planning, than decorating. It was something I needed to do, so I could stay sane in this planner community. So after a month plus of my new system, how is it working?

It’s working out GREAT! The way I now plan, has worked wonders for me. I now get more done, I am productive, more organized, and I’m enjoying using my planner again.

Being in this community is a lot of fun, because I learn a lot, and I also want to teach. There is enough room for everyone, and everyone has their way of planning. What works for me, may not work for you, vice versa, and thats perfectly fine.

If you didn’t know this is my new planning system. I have divided up my columns into 3 different categories

  • Blogging/Youtube/Social Media
  • Home/Errands
  • Personal/Work

These categories have been working for me, and until they no longer work I will continue to have them titled this way.

Now with that said, I haven’t stopped decorating, as you’ve seen in my spreads. I just don’t see it as a priority, and thats for ME!

My motto is this, plan the way you plan, until it no longer works. Then change something 🙂


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