Recollections String Journal/Travelers Notebook Review

I didn’t even know what traveler’s notebook was until it came across my recommended videos on YouTube. I watched one then binged watched a bunch of them. One channel I love is MissVickyBee I love her videos and to me she is the queen of Travelers Notebooks lol

I liked the idea of one, but not for what most people use them for which is traveling and/or a planner. But I loved the idea of using one for a journal. After pricing a few I realized they were too expensive for me just to try.

I kind of just forgot about the idea of it, until I saw a video about the Michaels Recollections String Journal, which is basically a travelers notebook. I saw that it was $14.99 and came with 2 inserts, right up my alley.

I went out and bought it and it ended up only being $6 which is was very great deal in my opinion.

I also bought some refill which were $5 for 3 of them. When I got home I took the brown insert out, and inserted another one refill. I dont know about you but I need a journal with lines. So I had 3 Moleskine notebooks and used 2 of those for my journal, and am using the white blank inserts for doodling, quotes, and stickers, and thats working well.

The journal comes with a string to keep it closed. While I was fine with this at first, it because annoying. So I went and got a pack of elastic black headbands, tied a knot on one end, inserted it, and voila, much better!

I took another headband, did the same thing and used it to hold 2 of the white inserts, and used the rubber band that came with the notebook to hold the 2 Moleskine books together.

The actual cover is cheaply made, its obvious Think of those cheap plastic place mats you use on your table, same exact thing. But it does its job at holding my books together, so I’m not complaining.

I ended up getting one of the Recollections pen/pencil holder to go over this to hold a pen, and it works nicely.

Overall I am LOVING this, for my journal. Its thin, so I can take it with me anywhere, and its extremely lightweight. I can also easily add more books if I want, which is nice.

I love this concept so much that I’m thinking of getting a Websters Pages Travelers notebook for my birthday. If you want to try this out I say go for it, especially for the price.


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  1. lolaperoni says:

    Love this post Kristen. I keep seeing TN’s on Instagram but can never decide if one would work for me.


    1. Thank you. I say try it out and see. There very cheap and I think it’s seasonal so I’m not sure they’re going to be on the shelves

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