My Entire Planning System

I thought it was time to do a post on all the planners I use in my planning system. Some people have one planner, others have twenty. However many you have thats fine, don’t let anyone tell you different. 😉

With that said lets get into this list!

Sugar Paper – Pre-planner

  • I got this planner without really looking inside it, so I had no clue it had checklists. I immediately knew I could use it as a pre-planner. I know what you’re thinking “a pre-planner planner?” Yes. This is the first planner I touch before anything. I usually start writing in this late Tuesday, early Wednesday. I write down everything on the right of what I have to do and what will happen. As the end of the week comes to a close I will write said tasks on the dated side. This way Im not thinking “uhhhhh what do I have to do?” Its the planner I use in all my PWM videos to look off of. I really like it (review coming soon)

Day Designer – Routine

  • I use this planner to plan my routine for the day, hourly. This has been beer helpful to me, to make sure I get everything done. Before I got it, I was all over the place with my tasks. So now I get things done the way they should be.

Happy Planner – Life Planner

  • The holy grail!!!! This is where I put EVERYTHING! Whatever is going on in my life goes in here. I love this planner it suits my needs perfectly.

Recollections – Wallet/Personal

(forgot to get photos, we’ve all seen it LOL!)

  • I love how small this is, its my wallet plus my personal planner. I made the decision to not put any of my planner related stuff in there because its personal. So I add anything going on in my life and my family, such as work, school appointments, things I need to do et.It’s a lot better this way, and I’m glad I decided to change it

Horizontal Happy Planner – Testing out, just for fun, no rhyme or reason lol

  • You know how something is rare, so you just have to get it? That was me with this planner, I didn’t need it but I had to have it based on the colors alone. It’s rose gold, and has pops of aqua, two of my favorite colors! I decided to just plan in it like I usually do and I like it, It’s really pretty. It’s clean, streamlined, and minimal, I really love it this way. I dont go all out on decor, I just put down a little bit of washi and plan.

So there is my entire planning system, it works for me and that all that matters 😉


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