The Day Designer Re-Review

I reviewed the Day Designer a while back  I also reviewed the Today & To-do (more on that later) At the time I was filling out the entire week at a time, and thats not what the Day Designer was designed to do. So after I realized that my routine is never the same order, I decided to only fill out one day at a time. I usually do it the morning of or the night before I go to bed.

I have to say this way is a lot better. That way I am not focused on other days, and I can concentrate on the task at hand.

I am still using it as my hourly routine planner, it works very well for me, and until it doest, I will continue to use it that way.


(How I was using it when i first started, filling out an entire week at a time)


(I started changing a little bit but not much)

(How I now use it, filling out one day at a time)

Now that I am working some hourly blocks don’t get filled. For that purpose I will just put work on the time I clock in, and draw an arron all the way down. It’s not a neat planner by any means, because I’m the only one looking at it, and I’m not your typical planner LOL! But it helps be get what I need done, in a timely fashion.

Now the Today & To-do. I got this to use for blogging/social media/youtube. Well that failed, it was just way too much to use another planner. Then when I started working I thought I would use it for work. That failed also LOL! So not its just sitting on my shelf. The great thing is that is is undated so whenever I find use for it, I can start whenever.

With that said The Day Designer is a great planner, for me. I really like it, I plan on getting another if they team up with Blue Sky again. If not I wont because their prices aren’t my cup of tea HAHA!


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