August 22nd – 28th Weekly Spread | The Happy Planner

When I was in a live stream I did last week, someone mentioned how just using pen and highlighter was visually stimulating, and could help you remember more. I thought that was a good idea, so this week I only used pen and highlighter.

I must say as I was doing everything at first I was thinking “how will I like this?” But after I was done and everything was color coordinated, I actually like how it turned out!

Very simplistic, but to the point, and its completely, purely functional. Also I still have tons of room to write as the week goes on. I cant see myself doing this all the time, because I love my washi. But I could see myself doing this agin in the future, just to switch things up 🙂

  • Green – Youtube
  • Orange – Blogging
  • Yellow – Instagram
  • Pink – Enjoyable things
  • Blue – Things I have to do, such as work and things around the house

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