Sugar Paper Planner Review

I love the Sugar Paper line for Target. Gorgeous planners, and accessories at a very affordable price. I didn’t get any of the planners last year, but when I saw photos earlier this year of the product line I knew I had to have at least a couple. I have a bright coral and gray and white stripe one. I am not using those. They’re currently on my shelf as decor items.

The one I am reviewing is the pink with gold stripes. Its a bound planner, and it says 2016 on the cover. Very minimal, which is what I like. Now when I got this I didnt really look on the inside I just picked it up and headed to the register. When I did my video for it, thats when I saw it had a week on one page and check lists on the other.

I knew this would work great for my pre planning, so thats what Im using it for.

I usually start pre planning for the next week, on Tuesday and finish around late Wednesday. Thats where this planner comes in. I write everything that needs to be done next week on all the check lists. since it doesn’t have a designated date I just write in no particular order. Once I have everything down, I begin to place things on said dates.

Using this planner for pre-planning has worked really well for me. It really helps me for when I plan in The Happy Planner, that way I’m not trying to think about whats going to happen.

The quality of this planner is very nice too. The paper isnt thin, its pretty sturdy. I love the color combination, and the font is nice. The planner is very sleek, like most Sugar Paper items, and thats what I like. No decor, no fuss, just purely functional.

Overall I love it, I dont have one bad thing to say about it. Now if you have a lot to write down on the dates, this may not be for you seeing as the spaces could be too small for you. But if you’re a person who only plans a little and likes the idea of checklists, then it could be for you.


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