How to plan with a busy schedule

We get a planner to help us with our busy schedule, but when do we find the time to actually sit down and plan?

Ever since I started working (again) I had to figure out when I would sit down, plan, film videos, take photos, and made sure it revolved around my schedule to I wouldnt go insane! With that said I am now going to switch up when I do anything blog/video related. If I am working on a certain day that I would usually film, it will either be done the day before or my next day off, that way I’m not rushing and half asking content.

I work retail, so my schedule varies every week. I know for a fact now that each week I either have a Monday OR Tuesday off so these are the days I usually get my blog posts, videos, and photos ready. But not everyone has that type of schedule, so if you have a set schedule, hopefully these will help you.

  1. Try to plan on your day(s) off. You’re already busy with your work plans, and if you have kids, thats triple the work, so my advice is find time on your day off to plan, that way you’re not rushed, and things get planned correctly.
  2. Film multiple videos in one day (if you can) to save time. When you see the video for this, I will have also filmed my washi collection video in the same day. I do this so I don’t have to worry about it later. If it’s out of the way it gives me time to give my attention to something else.
  3. Try to plan out as much as you can in one sitting. This is easier said than done, but it helps me a lot! When I am pre planning there are key things that I know are going to happen such as early outs for my daughters, trash dumping days, my work schedule, grocery shopping, and laundry day. I put all of these things down like second nature. It knocks a bulk of my planning out of the way. Then as things pop up during the week it’s not so overwhelming.
  4. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS!!!! Yes we love our planners, we stick to them like glue, and whats in there is going to happen but if you dont get everything down ITS OK!! Theres times where I don’t get everything down into my planner. I’m a working mom, a wife, I take care of the house, run errands, and managing a youtube, blog, and social media is a job in itself, so I do forget things, and thats ok, we’re human. Don’t be so hard on yourself if everything isn’t in your planner OR if you don’t get everything done!
  5. Write things down ASAP as they pop up. You may not always have your planner with you, but I always have a notebook, or notepad of some sort on me. For instance if I’m at work and my boss asks me if I can come in 30 minutes earlier tomorrow I need to remember this so I’ll try to write it down (as soon as I get break) and then transfer to my planner when I get home. This also makes planning less stressful.
  6. Lastly, have fun! If planning isn’t fun, then it becomes a chore. Planning is supposed to make your life easier, and more productive, not add to the stress.

I hope these tips help you plan with a busy schedule.


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