August Flip Through | The Happy Planner

I wanted to show you how my weeks in August went. As you all know I am a very functional planner girl so theres a ton of writing, a bit of color, and full on functionality

First up we have the monthly spread. I always utilize the monthly spread its like a bullet point list for all my weeks. I then use the notes page to make important things for that week. It really helps me when planning my life, blogging, youtube, and anything else


Second we have the first week. This is when I just got the MAMBI color coordinated sticker book, and couldn’t wait to use it. I actually really love this book I just dont use it as much as I thought I would, but anyway. These colors are some of my favs. I really love aqua/mint and gold, so I’m biased and love this spread. I do however hate the stamping, maybe I just need practice

August 3rd was my husband and I’s 16 year anniversary! So that was a good day. On the 7th, I went to see Suicide Squad, which I LOVED! Other than that a typical week with me working and blogging/filming .


Third we have the second week, it was my daughters 14th birthday! I didnt go all out on this spread, because I need functionality. But I did have a few Happy Birthday stickers. I also worked 5 straight days this week! I love my job, but this took some getting used to ๐Ÿ™‚ This was also the last week of summer vacation for my girls, so I was scrambling trying to make sure everything was purchased before the following week. This sticker sheet I absolutely love because my all time favorite color is rose gold, so I had to use it ๐Ÿ™‚


Fourth we have the third week. I was itching to use the iridescent stickers from MAMBi so I did, and the coordinating washi that goes with it. How awesome are those stickers? This was a fun spread. It was also the first week back at school for my girls! I officially have a freshman in high school! So this was a huge day for her (and for me) This was another 5 day stretch that almost killed me LOL! but I got through it alive haha!


Last we have a really different spread. No stickers, no washi! Someone on a lifestream had an idea to use nothing but pen and highlighter, so I did. And while it was refreshing, I need my washi LOL! I had a pretty busy week this week, and it wa the Michaels Planner Meet up. I didnt quite enjoy this one, like I’ve done the others. If you saw my live stream then you know why.


And theres my weeks in August. How did you like this post?


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