Planner and Planner Supply Regrets

I did a live stream a while back and someone said I should do a planner supply regret video (which is coming tomorrow)

I wanted to do a post also. No photos, sorry but I will list why I regret each and every purchase. I hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER!!! – These are MY regrets therefore my opinion. If any of these items work for you, I’m glad because you didnt waste money LOL!

ALL THE STICKERS!!! – Trust me, its hard not to get caught up in all the hoopla when it comes to planning. I was one of them. Anytime I saw a sticker pack, especially one on instagram, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I would go on a mission to find it, and when I did, I’d just store it away. For instance, last year I bought I dont know how many Christmas stickers, and didn’t even make a dent in them! This year I;ve realized, if they’re not functional, I’m not buying them!

The Happy Planner Punch – Now this isn’t a bad product, in fact I really love it when I use it. I just dont use it LOL! I never add anything that isn’t already pre punched to my planner, so the punch just kind of sits. I could have used my money elsewhere.

The Recollections Punch – Now talk about a waste of money! I’ve used this twice! I’ll admit I was hyped up by all the photos, and its GOLD! Now it just sits on my shelf, its pretty to look at 😉

The Day Designer Today & To-do – I had all intentions of using this to keep a schedule of my blogging, social media, and youtube, that failed. Then I thought it would work, for my work schedule, failed even harder. In good news, if I ever need an undated hourly planner, I have one

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner (black and white) – This was a kit, and its a GORGEOUS planner, but the huge con is YOU CANT BUY EXTRA INSERTS!! Heidi’s planners are more for memory planning so she wants you to use it, store it, buy another. But I DONT WANT TO DO THAT *pouts* and I bought it at time when I was buying any and everything planner related, now its just sitting. I also bought 2 other of her planners, again sitting.

The Happy Planner Kits – Now I now these are good for anyone starting out in the planner community. You get a ton of stuff for only $30 but it was useless for me. I bought one thinking it would be a good vision/inspiration planner I used it for 2 months and it went to waste. Also undated planners are not my thing I always mess up, ALWAYS!

Recollections Planner Books – I think they’re a great idea for anyone who needs them, but they were a waste for me. I got a journal one, for journaling on the go, never used it. I got the goals and inspiration one, never used it. I do still have them forever. That way if I ever travel for a few days and want to jot some things down I can take a couple of pages from each book.

Puffy/3D stickers – These are great for scrapbooking, but using in a planner is hard if you do multiple weeks. It makes your planner bulky, and hard to do anything with. its really hard if you need to write on the next week, writing on a bumpy surface isn’t fun.

Recollections Sticky Notes – This is the one thing I hate in the new Recollections planner line! they’re too small, and they just dont stick! Theyre pretty but thats about it.

The Happy Planner List Stamp – I did a review on this, its bad, it sucks, the end.

and lastly

THE HAPPY PLANNER BAG!! – OMG I wanted this bag so much! I got it after months of debating, and then thought “ok now what?” I dont travel enough, to justify it. I dont take anything planner related to work, and I’m not using it for overflow. So its a waste of money for me. I do think its a great bag, because of all the organization it has, but I just dont use it. – ETA I did use it this past weekend, when I went to San Diego, it held up VERY WELL!! My I still dont use it a ton!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy says:

    The best advice ever
    I bought puncher both for happy planner both are going back
    Many Halloween stickers no reason
    And I am taking your advice
    Thank you


  2. Joy Ballard says:

    I will admit that I was into the hype of lots of those things. I only got the STICKERS, I dont know why I got so many of them. I also was one to get the Etsy stickers. After I got lots of kits I was like…..I dont plan like everyone else. I have 6 kids and need the planner to be functional. Now that I use the larger Happy Planner no one really sells that size so I am happy to save my money. There is one person who I always buy kits from (and she has sent me free ones as well) But I have enough kits to last me a while the way that I plan.

    The 3D ones are pointless because I cannot write on that side of the planner with out messing up.

    But that was about it for me. Reading your reviews of the other things make me realize why I dont need them. I did want the kits but not so much really. I dont take my planner with me so I have no need for the travel bag. When I did go on vacation I didnt take my planner with me.

    Thanks for sharing. #PlannerStalker


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