Making your affordable planner cute while being functional

I wanted to do a post (and video coming tomorrow) about how you can buy a very affordable planner, still make it cute, and have the functionality. A while back I bought a planner from the Dollar Tree and Walmart and decided I would show you that you dont have a to have an expensive or even half expensive planner to be in this community.

The first planner is from Walmart. I bought it when all the back to school stuff was out. Its academic, has a lot of writing space and even have some space to decorate. There isn’t a lot of color going on so you can pretty much do what you want as far as decorating, and nothing will clash.

I planned this as if I were using this as my main planner. There is a ton of space to write, decorate, and even add some quote stickers if you want. In this planner it has a shared weekend (which I hate BTW) but Im assuming since this is an academic planner, that was intentional. But that didnt take away from what I achcived here.

Next is a planner I picked up from Dollar Tree which is also an academic planner. Its smaller than the Walmart planner, so obviously I had less space to work with. This planner has colored pages, so if you care about coordinating colors, this may not be a good option for you. But I wanted to concentrate on the planning aspect and not so much color. Even with less space, I was still able to get a few details under each day, and even took advantage of the black space on the right side of the page.

With that being said. You dont need a planner like everyone has, to have a nice looking functional planner. This post is mostly geared towards individuals who want to be a part of this community but may not have the funds to buy the popular planners. Your question should be “What do I have to plan?” and then go from there.

I hope this post helps 🙂


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