20 Planner Instagram Accounts To Follow

I’ve follow quite a few planner girls on Instagram and there are a few that stick out to me. They all plan differently, and thats why inspires me. Some of these you already know, some you may not. But if you want to get inspired, no matter how you plan, then these girls are the ones to follow

@xo.mamaplans – I think she was the first girls I followed the I started my planner IG account. She goes ALL OUT on her decorating and she’s dedicated!! She also has a wall of washi YES A WALL OF WASHI!! She’s awesome!


@kellofaplan – She’s like the secret insider she it comes to all things The Happy Planner, plus she’s a teacher, and I love teachers. She’s very helpful and therefore that makes her awesome.


@paperheartofgold – on top of having her own shop, she creates monthly challenges to keep you inspired when it comes to planning.


@plancreaterepeat – She takes great pics, has a planner blog, therefore you should follow her.


@poshplans She brings class to planning, and she’s more on the minimal side of decorating. Right up my alley 🙂


@sdabplans – I LOVE HER PAGE! Her photos are always bright and colorful, and she’s a party planner!


@misstrenchcoat – I think anyone who is in the planner community knows who Alexis is. I binged watch all of her videos within 2 days and now I’m more productive because of her. She’s also a business owner so she knows her ish.


@rebel.lux.designs – She does bullet journaling, and makes it look fun! all of her spreads have a bit of color and the phones she takes inspire me all the time. She also has a blog, a FB page, and a shop.


@sprinkledpug – Another planner girl that goes all out on her decorating. She doodles n her planner as well and it’s so cute! She as has a store so check her out.


@bulletjournals – Now I am not into bullet journals, for myself. But they intrigue me, and I love the minimalist look. Bulletjournals has a TON of followers so you’re probably not new to her account, but I’m always inspired looking at her account


@freeismylife – She puts the luxury into planning. She always has a gorgeous doodle of some sort on her pages, and she makes me want to revamp my entire wardrobe haha!


@atxbujo – Another bullet journal planner. Again I love the simplicity and minimalist of bullet journal spreads, so if this is your cup of tea, check her out.


@studyign_com – She’s a high school student and is probably more organized than most adults. I binged watched her videos one day and I love her! she bullet journals as well, but makes it look like so much fun. She also does live streams from time to time.


@wanabear_plans – A Happy Planner lover like myself. She uses very colorful spreads in her planner and they’re always so cheerful.


@missvickybee2 – If you’re a fan of travelers notebooks, then you probably know who Vicky is. She is thee QUEEN of TN’s in my opinion. She gives great advice and reviews on all thing TN related


@misslizoliver – Her photos are planner/office goals! She uses A5’s and personal size planners and makes it look easy and fun 🙂


@vi3tbabe – I call her the “etsy sticker fanatic” in a good way! Her spreads are always really nice and she has a youtube account, that I am also subbed to, check her out 🙂


@thejerodelleshow – She has always been supportive and is so funny! She tunes into my live streams all the time, and she has a bajillion planners like myself 🙂


@ajmcgarvey – She’s a designer for MAMBI and makes GREAT youtube videos! She makes her spreads look so easy which always inspires me to do something a little different whenever I plan.


@emb0ssme – she’s a mix between minimalist and decorating, which is my cup of tea. She’s been supportive of my page for a really long time and thats always nice when you’re in this community. She also has an etsy shop 🙂



6 Comments Add yours

  1. oddeeiiobsesses says:

    Such a great list of amazing planner girls!!


  2. Carol W. says:

    Awesome list of planners!


  3. Sarah Klein says:

    So many of these are new to me and I thought I was pretty well versed in planner world! Thank you!


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