My Planner Must Haves

I did a post a while back about planner essentials now this post isn’t much different from that, but these are just must haves for me. Everyone is different, and so are their must haves. If you’ve been a long time follower of mine you know Im very minimal when it comes to planning but I still have to have a few things, and there they are

Planner – Obviously LOL! My main planner of choice is of course The Happy Planner. Its been my holy grail since October of last year.

Pens – Specifically fine and gel pens. I dont have a preference of one over the other t just depends on my my mood. And I only write in black. For some reason I won’t write in another color.

Washi – Anyone who plans, I’m sure can agree with this. I must have washi! It gives my planner color and makes it fun to look at. I dont use a ton of washi on a single spread but using it, and using completely different colors each week is always a lot of fun

Functional Stickers – They’re a must for me. Now I don’t always use them, but when I do they have to be functional. I dont mind the occasional decorative stickers, but I am all about functionality when it comes to planning.

Pre-Planner – Yes I am one of those crazy planner girls that has a planner for pre planning. I didnt know I needed it, until I used it. It’s something that’s second nature to me now and is always a must have.

Multiple Planners – I am just not a one planner girl, so multiple planners are a must for me. If I had everything in one planner, I can guarantee Id be very disorganized. I use 4 currently, and they all seem to work perfectly for me.

Thats basically it! I don’t require a lot to enjoy planning, as long as its colorful AND functional I am all good 🙂

What are your planner must haves?



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