School Planner For MY Daughters | The Happy Planner

I had the peonies Happy Planner sitting, just collecting dust, and I hated it, because its too pretty to just sit!

Well I came up with the idea to use it for both of my daughters and their schooling. For about the first few weeks nothing was really written down, because nothing was really going on except for some early outs. Now that they’re really into the school year I’m finally putting this baby to use.

I’ve broken each week into halves, my oldest is the top, and my youngest is the bottom.


I start out by writing which days are early outs for both of them, and just recently started writing my oldest tutoring days.

Basically how I use this is to keep track of class/home work, events, holidays, fog delays, early outs, meetings, when I need to contact a teacher. Keeping it separate from my personal planner helps me stay on track better.

Having a planner dedicated just to my daughters works a lot better than jamming this all into my large Happy Planner. I can space things out and everything gets done accordingly.

Now that I am actually using this, I’m liking how I use it. I use a strip of washi to separate both of my daughters and put a small strip on important things going on in the week. This helps me know just by glancing that something is coming up, and I need to pay attention to it.

Do you have a planner for just your schooling, or your kids schooling? Let me know in the comments!


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