A Change Is Coming

As we get older we move on from things that we once loved, to new things that we love. Its the circle of life. Thats what this post is about.

Usually mid month, is when I sit down and plan out the next month. With videos, and posts topics. I have a blog post about it here. When I sat down to plan out October, I realized there was absolutely nothing Happy Planner related, and this was completely on accident. I tried to scramble and fit something HP related in somewhere and told myself

Why do you need to fit anything HP related in your blog, its not a HP blog

With that said I was happy. When I first got into planning, heavily. I was a HP user exclusively. Oh you could to get me to use another planner! But now that I’m older, wiser, and see that as much as I love THP, there are other planners that serve my needs just as well, or even better.

If you have been an avid follower of my Instagram feed, then you know I use multiple planners, by various companies. I’m not loyal to any brand, I like what I like. I wont exclusively use one company, just for personal gain, in hopes of getting recognized. It’s not me, its not in my nature, and honestly it has helped my Instagram, blog, and youtube channel grow, because I talk about a broad range of planner related topics, and companies.

So over the past month or so, i’ve noticed that Ive grown more fond of other planners over my HP. I thought it was just the excitement of a new planner, just like a kid with a new toy. But the more I used a different planner the more I realized it was what I needed.

Now don’t get me wrong this is not a bashing post, I still love the HP products. Im not going around throwing all my HP merchandise into a bon fire LMAO! I’m just taking my planning, and my business in a different direction.

And yes, this is my business. I work hard, I make money, and when something isn’t working for your business you need to change it.

A few weeks ago I looked at my youtube analytics, and realized that my most liked, and watched videos are my more productive videos aside from my HP related videos, which tells me a lot.

It tells me that there are more people who out there who like to actually use their planners as *GASP* planners than to purely decorate, and this is the person I am. I love my washi like the next person but its what I think about second (my planning being first)

So with that said I am moving on from The Happy Planner (as my main planner) and into my Sugar Paper planner (video and blog post coming soon) It suits my needs better, and thats the most important thing.

I will be doing plan with me videos in the Sugar Paper Planner and posting spreads as I did with THP but I feel with this change you will see more of the productive side of Planning With Kristen which is a good direction for me to in.




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