September Recap

I waned to start something new on my blog, where I recap the previous month. I feel that in order to move forward, and learn, that you need to reflect. Change any thing that needs to be changed, improve on aspects in your life, and cut out the bs! So let’s tap about how my September went

I turned 33 – My birthday was September 4th, me, my husband and daughters went to San Diego (just like we did last year) We all had a really good time. Being 33 doesn’t really feel any different than 32, physically. But mentally, I am not sure of what I want out of my life and my future business (post about that coming way later once I do some research)

Happy Planner No More – Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the planner. I just needed a planner with a little more structure and more towards the GTD method, so I just switched. Now I will continue to use all the accessories, because let’s face it MAMBI accessories are too awesome to not use 🙂

Honesty isn’t always favored – I’ve always been pretty honest in this planner community, but that kind of came under fire these past couple of weeks when I spoke my mind on the MAMBI design team. I lost some followers, but that is A-OK Id rather be honest, lose followers, than be fake and gain them. Transparency is my only goal being in this community.
Great Happy Mail – A pretty awesome planner friend of mine Jerodelle was gracious enough to send me some happy mail. She sent me two Webster Pages planners an A5 and personal, also a matching pen case. I also got some really cute list pads and page flags. I’ve already but the A5 and pen case to use.

Lack of self care – September I was busy and more busy, which meant there was a lack of self care. Self care is HUGE and should always be a part of your life. So I’m making that change in October

Buckling down on my small business – I’ve been wanting to start an online paper goods business for months now, but I just now started to get the ball rolling. I’ve written out 5-6 products I want to create and I plan on testing some things out come the beginning of next year. Theres so much I want and need to learn. I am hoping to get some samples created by the spring at the earliest!

That was my September! How did your month go?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thia says:

    Thank you for being you. You have inspired me to push forward with what makes me happy.


    1. I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you for stopping by 😊


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