What I’ve Learned In The Planner Community

I’ve been in the planner community for a little over a year. I bought my first Happy Planner the last week of September, and thats how how it all started:) I should say that I had a planner before that. It was one from walmart when I just knew I’d never been a washi or sticker fanatic HA! Never say never, especially in this community 😉

I wanted to do a post to let you know what I’ve learned in this community.

  1. Never say never! – You will say “Im going to ALWAYS going to use this planner, I will die with it!” Trust me, I said this with The Happy Planner, now look at me.
  2. Your taste will change. –  It will. What you liked a year ago, hell even a month ago you may not even like anymore.
  3. This community can be very VERY high school. – What I mean by that is that you have the popular girls, you also have the girls who follow them, and do whatever they do because they’re basically “look at me, look at me!”
  4. I have to plan the way I want/need to plan – For MONTHS I planned like the girls who DETEST white space, and love all the stickers on their page. I wasn’t happy this way, and I got nothing done! A planner is supposed to help you, not make your life harder. So changing the way I plan, changed the way I go about my life.
  5. People do NOT like when you’re honest/ People LOVE when you’re honest – I’m not a person who is all smiles and rainbows when it comes to anything in this community. I call it like I see it, and if something isn’t right, I will say something about it. I’ve learned that people do not like this. They don’t like it when I talk about their planners or planner company, and thats fine. But I have also have more love for this. I’ve got NUMEROUS comments and DM’s saying “thank you” and “I agree!” about certain things Ive talked about. I really wish more people would speak up. But I don’t mind being the face HA!
  6. This community is indeed awesome! I’ve “met” some really nice girls, who I would have never met if I didn’t get a planner. 99% of the time these girls are very helpful, fun, inspirational, and hilarious. I have a lot of fun talking with them all
  7. I didn’t know I could turn a hobby into a business! – I mean Im not new to this idea, people do it all the time. I just didn’t know that a hobby that I love I could also make money from. I never got into this to make money, it kind of fell into my lap

And that concludes what I’ve learned over the past year. Its been fun, its been eye roll worthy, its been laughs, very little drama, but overall I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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  1. Mint Fox Meadows says:

    As someone who’s been a part of the planner community since July, I’m glad that I’ve learned a lot of these lessons early on. I’ve loved the beautiful spreads that so many lovely ladies have made, but I’m learning that that’s it – I love them, but I don’t want them for my planner. It’s to the point where certain “planners” are really only memory keeping and not planning. It’s scrapbooking but in a different type of book, so number 4 on your list is an extremely valid point. I also agree that the community is also indeed awesome, but there’s a select few where it’s definitely like being in high school, which sucks. Definitely love this post, though because I think a lot of others can/will learn all of this information themselves whether it’s now or later.

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    1. I think with any community theres going to be a small bunch who are over the top for no reason i.e. like to be seen and are basically “look at me!” I just laugh and continue to do what I do because I dont have to do all of that, and things still happen for me, lol!



      1. Mint Fox Meadows says:

        That’s very true, some communities more publicized than others for sure. But you’re also doing it right, though! You’re not doing anything for the views, you’re not pretending to be someone that you’re not – you’re real and people respond to that and at the end of the day, knowing that you’re being who you truly are is always going to trump everything else. Everything comes in time and you’re 100% doing just fine.
        If I could love the memory planning bit a million times, I absolutely would.

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      2. Thank you! Its just better to be myself. How I am in my live streams is how I am in “real life” I dont have time for this fake all smiles persona its not me. Also me changing the way I plan worked in my favor really well, people tend to gravitate towards that.


  2. Jada Quotes says:

    Love this post Kristen! 💖

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  3. Completely agree with the high school reference.

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    1. I witnessed this a lot last night from someone who is a grown woman smh


  4. vela says:

    I’m super glad you speak your mind! You have me cracking up in every one of your live streams lol. Some people in the planner community can be so quick to jump on you if you say anything even remotely negative (unless, of course, it’s popular thought *eyeroll*). It’s too much.

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    1. LOL I’m glad I can make you laugh I just speak my mind 😊 and yes people become very defensive. I am having another live stream later on today, this afternoon. I’m FINALLY getting the planner I thought I wasn’t getting 😂 I’m not sure of the time because I’m not sure when my mail lady passes exactly.

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      1. vela says:

        They dooo get defensive! Lol. I can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll be at home when you do it because I really want to see how that planner looks!

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