How I Plan My Day Using The Day Designer

I bought the Day Designer simply because I needed to designate certain things in my life for certain times of the day. Before I would just have a giant to do list, and things would either not get done, or get done half assed. This made it hard to remember anything I had to finish or start.

Then came the Day Designer. With its hourly layout, this gave me ample time to start and finish tasks the right way, and make my life easier.

Now planning my day in here is really easy, for me anyway. I usually plan out my day early in the morning. Most days 6 am when I wake up. I sit down, and open my Websters Pages and Sugar Paper planner and see what needs to be done for that day.

First I look at my tasks that take the least amount of time and jot those down first in the early hours. I like getting these out of the way first that way it’s done, and out of my hair.

Then I look at bigger tasks, such as filming, taking photos, organizing, networking, deep cleaning something and schedule these at certain hours.


I dont have one hour after the other filled in, this is done on purpose, as to not feel overwhelmed. I do this to make sure I don’t need to go back, and go over something. I usually write in something every other hour or 2 hours at the most.

This is also due to me having children, and a daughter I have to pick up from school. so i will not schedule anything in that hour block which is 2 – 3 pm.

Once I plan out my day, I sit back and look at it and make sure its feasible. Most times it is, if not, or if its too many things, I will save it for the next day. My goal with this planner is not to have every hour of my day planned. My goal is to make sure I get things done, so if that means taking off 1 or 2 items, then so be it.


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