October 17th – 23rd Weekly Spread | The Mini Happy Planner

I most recently got my hands on the undated mini Happy Planner fro Hobby Lobby. I took the rings off, and punched it to fit into my recollections planner. I love how this came out vs. what Ive seen other girls do, basically ripping out the rings to make this fit with the discs, not my cup of tea 😉

I watched the MAMBI periscope and so many girls complained that you cant decorate with lines. Well Im here to show you YES YOU CAN!! You have to think outside the box and the lines! Just because there are lines, doesn’t mean you need to say in them.

With this spread I show you that I used checklists, and wrote according to the checklists. Did I say inside the lines? Absolutely not! and thats ok. You don’t have to use your planner for its intended use, thats the beauty of the planner community, plan however you want.

I used the MAMBI planner basics sticker set in black, gold, and white. I also used the color coordinated weeks in the same color scheme from MAMBI. Washi is from Hobby Lobby.


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