Taking a break & Things to come

Next week I will be taking a break from blogging and youtube for a week. I haven’t taken a break in a really long time, and it’s time. I will still be active on social media, and will do my usual live steam on thursday’s, so I won’t completely disappear.

Its important to take breaks, and take care of YOU! it’s not selfish, its necessary. With that said here are things coming up when I get back

  • October Flip Through – Videos for both my Websters pages and Mini Happy Planner
  • GTD Method – How I incorporate this into all of my planning
  • Websters Pages A5 Review
  • Color Crush vs Recollections
  • Color Crush Pen Case Review
  • Mini Happy Planner Review
  • New Planning System

All of those things will have coordinating videos as always. I also want to start incorporating a mental health post, once a month. Because as you read in my last post, using a planner has helped tremendously with my mental health. And I feel that openly talking about mental health is extremely important.

Also I will be doing something HUGE with my youtube channel


I most recently had an idea, what if I branched out a little bit and add some lifestyle videos to my channel. I posted this question on my instagram and got some fantastic suggestions such as

  • Makeup
  • Organization tips
  • Whats in my bag
  • Planner supply organization on a budget
  • Q&A advice
  • Clothing and handbags, todays fashion
  • Organization and decor
  • Ask Kristen segment – I love this idea!!

My planning videos and posts will never go away, but branching out a bit will be exciting, and gives me a wider opportunity to reach more people. And planning also has to do with all of the things mention. Because we plan our outfits, makeup looks, decor, and most times we write them down. So I am excited, I cant wait to see where this takes me.

With that said I hope you all have a fantastic week!!


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