Living Room Tour!

I asked a couple of weeks ago I asked on Twitter and Instagram, if anyone would like for me to incorporate other things into Planning with Kristen. Everyone loved the idea, and gave great suggestions!

The first lifestyle post I wanted to share was my living room. We move into this house in late January of the year, and I knew I wanted it bold, bright, and colorful. I was inspired by the DC Comic picture (down below) and went around that.

The photo was in our last place and I knew i wanted it in the living room. We also had the orange and yellow pillows. I knew finding decor would be easy because any color would match.

The I Love You pillows are from The Novogratz 9 Collection at Walmart. I suggest checking them out for nice and affordable decor pieces.

Our bookshelf, coffee table, and tv stand are all from the Mainstays Collection at Walmart. I saw the coffee table originally and liked it, because its minimal and has a shelf underneath, for extra storage. Then I saw the shelf and stand and bought them.

The adorable toadstools are again from Walmart. They are in the garden department, and trust me they are heavy! You can stand on, its pretty durable.

Our couch we have had for about 5 years, and it still feels new. We have a family of tall people. With my husband being 6’5, my oldest being my height, and my youngest creeping up, we needed a couch we could all lounge on and be comfortable.

All the other little decorations came from my mother, and they all match really well. I love how colorful our living room is.


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