October Recap

Here is a recap for what went down in October!

Websters Pages Became My Life Planner – I love this planner! I don’t know what took me so long to use an A5, but I’m so glad that my friend Jerodelle sent it to me, its been working out great

Lifestyle Topics – I decided to start incorporate more lifestyle topics into everything PWK related. I asked my followers on Instagram, and everyone loved the idea, and I’ve been getting a great response on social media, it’s a lot of fun. I have some fun topics coming up this month, I can’t wait.

The Happy Planner & Michaels Released New Planners – Although I am no longer using The Happy Planner as my life planner, I did get a new one for my editorial planner, and I’m loving it. I also picked up some mini happy planners, and a couple of the new Recollections. October wad a good month for new planner supplies

Put Together My First Planner Meet Up! – It was something that came up in my live stream, and I decided to go for it. It’s going to be next summer in Vegas and there is an Eventbrite for it. I cant wait for it to happen, Im beyond excited for it!

The Break That Wasn’t – I was supposed to take a break the week before Halloween. But I ended up doing 3 live steams, and 2 blog posts. I guess I couldn’t stay away LOL! But I will definitely be taking another one, the week of thanksgiving. I will have posts schedule, but no actual work that week.

How did your October go?



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