October 2016 Flip Through


It seems like October came and went in one day. I swear the month went by really fast! A lot happened in the world of PWK and it was all good and fun. So I’m going to show you how every week went 🙂

The Websters Pages A5 is my life planner. Any and everything in my life goes in here. When it was sent to me, I knew it would become that because of the way its made. It has pockets and I could easily use it on the go because of that.

This was the end of September into October 2nd. This was when I started using my Websters pages, and decided to use a very colorful theme. The washi is from Michaels, and the stickers are MAMBI.

October 3rd -9th was a pink and gold. Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wasnt too busy this week because I like to spread out my busy weeks so I spend time creating content. Washi is Michaels, the team party set, and the stickers are MAMBI

October 10th – 16th A typical fall theme. I love these leaf stickers in the MAMBI seasonal pack. I spread them out so it wouldn’t interfere with my writing. The 2 decorative washi are from Target, I got them there last year, and the solid colors are from the big pack of washi from Michaels for $29.00 Functional stickers are MAMBI

October 17th – 23rd. I used a black gold, and white theme in all of my planners because it was something I never did. I swear this washi was the bane of my existence LOL! I cut checklists from MAMBI in half to not go over to the next week, and that worked out well. Washi is from Hobby Lobby all stickers are MAMBI

October 24th – 30th. I couldn’t wait to use this Washi from Hobby Lobby. I love the bright colors with a punch of black, really makes the color stand out. I was supposed to be on a break this week, and what break? HAHA! All stickers are from MAMBI

Lastly the week of Halloween, which is this week. This also goes into November. A lot of girls did Halloween spread last week, I just decided to do it on the actual day instead. The glitter washi and pumpkin is from Target, I got it last year. The black and white washi is Michaels and all stickers are MAMBI

How was your October?


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