The Happy Planner Mini – Mood Tracker

img_5735I recently picked up The Happy Planner Mini – Hello Beautiful. At first I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, then it came to me, a mood tracker. This planner starts in 2017, but I got the 6 month extension pack so I could use it now. As you all know I have BPD and my moods shift a lot throughout the day, so I wanted to keep track of my moods, and the time to see if I notice a pattern.

I have to say using this planner for almost 2 weeks, is working well for me. Its the perfect size, and I’m being productive by writing down my moods as soon as I see a change.


My writing is horrible, but I’ll let you know that I have noticed a pattern in my moods! Between the hours of 2:30 and 6ish I become very irritable. With BPD, anything can trigger a mood change, so its hard to figure out why I’m irritable. I have some ideas. Its the time my kids come home, homework, cooking, tidying up ect. I think I’m overwhelmed at these hours, but I wouldn’t have known this if I weren’t tracking my moods

So now that I see a pattern, its up to me to change it. I need to spread things out and not pull myself in different directions. Im glad I got this planner for this, I think it’s really going to help me.

How many of you have the mini planners? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. oddeeiiobsesses says:

    I have the mini Fitness Happy Planner and mainly got it to track what I’m eating throughout the day and wanted to use the exercise section to track my overall mood, but that’s interesting you do it as your mood changes!! I’ve been using the extension pack for now too cause I didn’t want to wait til January but there’s not enough room to write in my food AND emotions. So I think I’ll just add more insets and just have seperate sections for now. Loved this post girl!!


    1. Thank you! That’s what I mainly got the fitness one for as well just for tracking my food.


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