Websters Pages A5 Color Crush Review

DISCLAIMER!!! This planner was sent to me from a friend, but all opinions are my own.


I’ve been using the Websters Pages Color Crush A5 everyday for a good month, and thought it was time for a review.

Before this was sent to me by my friend Jerodelle, trying an A5 was never in he equation. I don’t know why, it just wasnt. But after using this as my life planner, I must say I don’t know how I didn’t use it before now!

Here are my list of things that I love about the Websters Pages Color Crusg

  1. Your planner pages are completely covered!
  2. POCKETS!! This makes it great for if I ever want to travel with it. I can use it as an all in one system
  3. Pen loop
  4. Ring bound system – this makes it easy to customize

Jerodelle not only sent me this planner, she sent me the inserts, and all the extras which include, also sold by Websters Pages

So with me having all of this truly makes it an all in one planner. I have used the memory keeping, and love that its undated so I can use it whenever. Other than that I have not put the other items to use yet, but still love them because when I come up with an idea, I will already have these items.

This planner is my “everything in my life” planner. Everything from personal to PWK, to social media, to work, to errands, everything goes in this planner. The reason I chose this particular planner for that is because I can turn it into an all in one. For instance I am going to Las Vegas later on this month, and will be only taking this planner. I can use it as my wallet and it holds all of my information. With it being protected I don’t have to worry about it being ruined

So lets talk about the pages I have used and how I feel about them.

I keep all the monthly spread together, and all the weekly spreads together. This makes planning easier for me so I can just look at the months at a glance.

I think the monthly boxes are a good size but could be a bit bigger, but thats not Websters fault, thats mine for having so much going on LOL!

Now the weekly pages I love! They’re horizontal, which seems to be a theme of mine now. I have more than enough space to write down everything, and there is a note section I can always elaborate in if need be.

I find the paper is good quality, not too thin but not too thick either. I have felt thicker paper, but you end up paying more money for that so its all about preference.

I’ve used different pens on here, gel, fine tip, sharpies, and nothing bleeds through so thats a really good thing.

Now onto the actual binder. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It is white and it is gorgeous! One thing thats great about this is that if I ever run out of inserts, I can still use this to create my own, or buy some locally. I always find myself staring at it whenever Im at my desk.

Overall I am loving this planner and cant believe it wasnt in my life until most recently.



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