The Happy Planner – Mini Review

Disclaimer* The planner I am using in my recollections binder is the undated black and white from Hobby Lobby and its $19.99

The size of the mini happy planners

Covers – 4.5” x 7”

Pages – 4.5” x 7”

I had Z E R O intentions of getting this planner. I already had my Recollections binder with the inserts so having a Mini Happy Planner seemed pointless to me. That was until I saw a lot of girls taking the rings out of the Recollections binder and using it as a deluxe cover from MAMBI. When I saw that I thought

Why don’t I just punch the mini planner, instead of taking the rings out?

So that is what I did, and it made the most sense (to me anyway) and I must say I really love this planner for the way I’m using it. I have lines (which are always a plus) its functional, doesn’t take away from any decor aspects, and gives me a little more room because of the spaces in between.

But I also love that I dont have to say in the lines I can write as big or as small as I like and it still doesnt look cluttered in my opinion.

Using it as my personal planner has been a lot of fun to use because its just enough space and I’m enjoying it for that purpose.

Now onto the Hello Beautiful Mini

I LOVE this planner! As you all know I am using this as my mood tracker so it gets used multiple times a day, every day. And this is the perfect size for that. It’t been working out well for me just like the other planner, and I think MAMBI did a good job with these planners.

They’re small, you can take them with you, and you can add bigger rings if you need a little more space.

Overall I’m impressed. Now I do have 2 others, a fitness one, and the water color one. As for the water color one, no plans yet but once I get an idea I will let you all know! Do you have a mini happy planner? Let me know in the comments!



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